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Converting png. or jpeg. files to dwg. files for autocad for mac

I would like to import png. files and jpeg. files into autocad 2012 for mac.  I would like to be able to add info. on them from the auto cad program.  Also it would be great if I could save or convert a dwg. file to a jpg. or png or some other file so to be able to put the auto cad drawing in a word processor or publishing document.


Any suggestions?

Thanks, Charlie Hamilton

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AutoCAD will inport .jpg files (I haven’t tried .png files) by selecting “Raster Image Reference” from the “Insert” menu. After you place and resize your image, you can draw over the top of the image, just make sure you select the image and select “Draw Order” - Send to Back from the Tools menu.


The only way I know how to get a AutoCAD file into a word processor or publishing document is to first print the sheet or drawing to PDF. You should then be able to insert that PDF into your word processor or publishing document. If you have to use .jpg, then use Preview to convert the PDF into a .jpg.


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